World of Warcraft 3D models in Maya – part2

20 months ago i published project World of Warcraft 3D models in Maya – part1, how to import 3D models from MMORGP World of Warcraft to Autodesk Maya. There was used Maya 2008 Extension 2, WoW Model Viewer ver. 0.5.08 and MilkShape. Now we have here World of Warcraft – Wrath Of The Lich King, Maya 2011 Hotfix1 and WoW Model Viewer [r206]. Now it’s all easy and simple. :) You don’t need another software for some corrections.

Maya 2011
WoW Model Viewer

WoW Model Viewer exporting is easy, you can turn off Preserve Directory Structure in Export Options, because then all textures will be extracted to same directory as your model and you can simply move all textures to your sourceimages directory of your Maya project. And there are 2 file-formats which Maya can read, OBJ and 3DS. With 3DS you must have installed Bonus Tools for Maya.

If you have problem with textures import (OBJ), try this article on my blog.

World of Warcraft 3D models in Maya – part1

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9 Responses to “World of Warcraft 3D models in Maya – part2”

  1. 3d models Says:

    Thanks For Support

  2. :D Says:

    Thanks for the help! ^^

    But when i look at your pictures you got there, i see you have loaded whole dalaran into maya… i couldnt find any possible way to do that :/
    would be awesome if you showed how to load dalaran, stormwind and all those big citys into maya..

    but thanks again for helping me ;D

  3. ? Says:

    Is it possible to open special area?

    for example 44,43-45,46?

  4. ! Says:

    Imported a OBJ. Anyway to get the model WITH the weapons and other gear?

  5. toxik Says:

    Yes, it is possible read this

  6. achoo Says:

    the models load up in maya 2011 ok, but most of the models that i import into maya, are always missing their shoulder gear, head gear and weapons. this is with the player characters and most of the npc’s. Is there a way of fixing this?
    Also where do you find the city models in wow model viewer?

  7. cutie Says:

    hello guys, what particular version of w0w it will run, 3.3.5a?

  8. toxik Says:

    @achoo, this is question for WOW Model Viewer creators. But because WOW is MMORPG all data must be streamed which depend on your in-game position, that’s why all models are cities, models, etc. are separately.

  9. Trockeneis Says:

    When i import the .obj into Maya2011 i see nothing (but i can select ~2000 polygons – according to the polycount). Scale has no use. Focus neither. :(
    [Did the export with r206 and wow3.3.5a, because actual cataclysm version won't work.]

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