V-Ray 3.0 for Maya

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya – Max Ray Intensity

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya – Progressive Rendering

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya – Rendering Hair

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya – V-Ray RT GPU

V-Ray 3.0 for Maya – VFB

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Autodesk Maya 2015

Autodesk Maya 2015: Announcement

The Maya Effect

In With the New

A Solid Foundation

Autodesk Maya 2015: XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator

Autodesk Maya 2015: Bullet Physics

Autodesk Maya 2015: Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform Part 1

Autodesk Maya 2015: Bifrost Procedural Effects Platform Part 2

Autodesk Maya 2015: Geodesic Voxel Binding

Autodesk Maya 2015: ShaderFX

Autodesk Maya 2015: Viewport 2.0

Autodesk Maya 2015: Ptex Support

Autodesk Maya 2015: OpenSubdiv

Autodesk Maya 2015: Enhanced Polygonal Modeling

Autodesk Maya 2015: Enhanced UV Toolset

Autodesk Maya 2015: Streamlined Retopology Toolset

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Nuke tutorials

The Foundry NukeHere is my little site of links on tutorials for Nuke with interactive search. Site contains links of videos on YouTube site. It was created for our team to quick entry to Nuke. :) The task was completed, we all are in. Now it’s your turn ! ;)

I try to always add new/fresh videos, but i am not GOD. :) If you find dead link, or you find any video tutorial for Nuke which is important and it’s not here and you want to see it in this list, don’t be shy and drop me e-mail. (e-mail is in About me section)


Site is actually providing more than 112 links of tutorials.

Lucky learning…


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multiMatte for Nuke (gizmo)

multiMatte is my another gizmo for Nuke (The Foundry), which can extract 8 objects masks from one RGBA image. The blend mode in Photoshop is called Linear Burn which is (A+B)-1.

multiMatte gizmo:
(color of gizmo is based on your color selection in options)

multiMatte gizmo options:

multiMatte explanation:

RGB mixing example:

multiMatte 2.6 for Nuke DOWNLOAD (1995).

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LeapMotion + Maya

Time from MinorityReport is now, LeapMotion is comming ! :)

Autodesk Labs: Project Pinocchio character controlled by LeapMotion

Introducing the LeapMotion

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What’s new in Maya 2014

Maya 2014 What’s new videos

Maya 2014 Bullet Ragdoll

Maya 2014 New Features: File Path Editor

Maya 2014 New Features: Paint Effects Enhancements

Maya 2014 New Features: Grease Pencil

Maya 2014 New Features: Advanced Modeling Workflow

Maya 2014 New Features: Scene Assembly Tools

Maya 2014 New Features: Node Editor

Maya 2014 New Features: Joint Tool

Sneak Peeks

Maya Sneak Peek: Modeling Tools

Maya Sneak Peek: Grease Pencil

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V-Ray dongle is home

V-Ray dongle is home. :) V-Ray for Maya only for 799 €. And with new renderfarm power about 172 GHz is incredible.


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Poštová banka

Poštová banka – Christmas

Another project in Studio727.
Short summary: 3×3D Artist, 1xCompositor, Autodesk Maya, Royal Render and Flame. :)

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nMask for Nuke (gizmo)

This nMask gizmo for Nuke working on the same principle like nMask for Fusion.

Check this link:

nMask gizmo:

nMask gizmo options:

nMask 1.0 for Nuke DOWNLOAD (2306).


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nMask for Fusion (macro)

nMask is id-mask macro for Fusion. I created nMask for masking of 3D objects by simplest way as is possible. First of all you need to render out color mask from your 3D package. Color mask is only different flat colors for different objects, if you have two different colors, you have two masks. For output file format from 3D program I am using PNG files, because they are very small size with compression(6) on flat colors. And usually I am using HUE range(0-360) for objects colors, because it’s best for seeing differences (human readable content) and 360 masks it’s enough. :) Thx to Salko for math help.

nMask macro INPUT rules:

  • no anti-aliased
  • double resolution
  • 8-bit

There is no restriction in RGB color range, you can use full 8-bit RGB range for masks.
(255×255x255 = 16.581.375) => It’s more than 16,5 milions of masks in RGB color. :)

no AA(anti-aliased) examle of HUE(fill-range-method):

nMask node:

nMask options:

nMask 1.0 for Eyeon Fusion DOWNLOAD (2313).


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