World of Warcraft 3D models in Maya – part1

wow-BCFor this project i used WoW Model Viewer for converting models to *.ms3d files. When you run Wow Model Viewer it automaticaly detect installed World of Warcraft and open *.MPQ libraries, now you can browse all World of Warcraft 3D content. After converting models with Wow Model Viewer to *.ms3d files you can use MilkShape and convert them from *.ms3d to FBX files. I used this 2-way conversion because FBX file can store object and component assignment with materials and textures, then you dont need to do it manualy. Now, you can open FBX files directly in Maya with materials and textures.

Wow Model Viewer ver. 0.5.08 have one very nice feature, with which you can open your character with Armor and Weapons with link from World of Warcraft Armory page. Options > Import Armory Character

If you have problem with textures when you importing FBX to Maya try use FBX Converter to convert your FBX to right version.

World of Warcraft 3D models in Maya – part2

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  1. michael Says:

    hi i was wondering if you could send me like screenshots of a 3d model of karazhan, i would like to use it so i could make my template for a ginger bread house. Thanks very much

  2. abreu20011 Says:

    This program export too the animation?

  3. toxik Says:

    No, its exporting only models…

  4. Masterlink Says:

    If you import a character model is it possible to import the rig with it or do you have to re rig the character?

  5. toxik Says:

    No, its not possible to import rig with model this way. You must create your own rig.

  6. jp Says:

    I am able to extract via wowmodelviewer and then view model/skin within MilkShape, and also export to FBX. However, when I import the FBX file into Maya 2009, I only see the mesh (no skins).

    Is there something you did special to show the skins inside Maya? Or am I just not clicking something correctly Maya to display the skins?

  7. toxik Says:

    Its a mistake, textures are not skin !
    When you are using FBX, you only need to check paths in file textures.

  8. tas Says:

    I’m having the same issue as jp. Once I get the mesh into Maya, the textures/skins are not there. Would you mind elaborating on this process in more detail toxik? It would be greatly appreciated.

  9. toxik Says:

    In advance you must to know what you want, TEXTURES or SKIN ? Its a big difference.

  10. tas Says:

    When I save the MilkShape file as an FBX file, it also creates several .TGA files. When I then open the FBX file in Maya, there is only the mesh and seemingliy no connection to the TGA files.

  11. toxik Says:

    There is a problem with your FBX file version. At bottom of my article is now something about FBX Converter. Today i tested it with Maya 2009 SP1A and Maya 2008 Ext2.

    I have MilkShape 1.8.4 which exportting FBX in version 6.0 and in Maya i have FBX plugin in version 2010. Then i use FBX Converter to convert FBX 6.0 to FBX 2010 and its working.

    Check your version of FBX plugin in Maya and try to use FBX Converter to convert FBX(from MilkShape) to Maya corresponding FBX version.

  12. tas Says:

    Please bear with me, as I am new to this, but would very much like to figure out how to get these models successfully into Maya. If you’d rather I go elsewhere for assistance, don’t hesitate to tell me so. Here’s my process.

    - Configure model in WoWModelViewer
    - Export model from WoWModelViewer to MilkShape file
    — this creates the MilkShape file, as well as several TGA files
    - Open file in MilkShape
    — textures look good
    — group look good (shoulder armor, weapons, etc.)
    - Export file to Alias FBX format
    — this creates one, single file
    — does MilkShape package the textures/materials into this one single file?
    - Open/Import file into Maya 2009 (FBX Importer 2010)
    — I always get errors during this process
    —– Error: Missing Skin Cluster: The plug-in could not locate the following skin cluster elements: [this is blank]
    —– Warning: Malformed Mesh: The plug-in has detected mesh nodes containing polygons with overlapping vertices. The following objects have been automatically cleaned up: Geoset_5\n
    —– Warning: Skin Definition: The imported scene has no initial binding position (Bind Pose) for the skin. The plug-in will compute one automatically.
    — I use all the defaults, don’t change anything

  13. toxik Says:

    I do it same way, but i never get any errors during this process.

  14. jp Says:

    thanks toxik – the FBX converted the 6.0 to 6.1, now compatible with Maya 2009. when import the updated fbx file into maya, all the textures show up properly! thanks!

  15. jp Says:

    DEAR TAS – did you INSTALL and USE the fbx converter at ? this program is to be used OUTSIDE of the main maya to convert the 6.0 fbx made by milkshape into 6.1.0 version importable by maya 2009

  16. toxik Says:

    jp: it depend on which version of FBX you have installed in Maya. I have FBX version 2010 in Maya, because i updated.

  17. tas Says:

    JP — thank you so much! I had no idea this was a separate executable program to convert the FBX files. I was simply using the FBX plug-in for Maya. I used the program as you suggested and have been able to stumble my way into making this work.

    Huge thank you to both toxik and jp for this. :D

  18. Alex Says:

    I carnt seem to find Alias FBX as a export option on the latest version or the other versions. Can anyone help?

  19. toxik Says:

    You must load fbxmaya.mll in Plugin Manger
    Window > Settings/Preferences > Plug-in Manager

  20. Arinna Says:

    When i import into Maya from milkshape, first off there is no maya export option. Second off i export as a FBX and when it is in maya it is only a wireframe. I have no clue how to get texture. A little help?

  21. Pro Says:

    I have the same problem as Arinna. Love this short guide, unfourtunatly it’s the only one I can find on the subject. The problem is textures falling off from the FBX-export and into Maya. I get the materials, but all the textures are plain white. I’ve tried converting to all different FBX -versions, nothing’s changed :/

  22. Pro Says:

    FIXED: If you have problems with textures in Maya. Make sure your files are all in the same directory, this worked for me! Good Luck!

  23. Xani Says:

    Is there another program that can be used other than milkshape to export/save as FBX?

  24. Xani Says:

    The reason i ask is that i have gotten the file from the model editor prog. as an obj and imported into maya, however when i go to view the UVs its seems that there are none, so when i attempt to texture it does make it a bit difficult any info would be greatly appreciated

  25. 34will Says:

    After exporting the model I want, I open it in MilkShape 3D, but there doesn’t seem to be any texture, the model is just white. I have looked under the materials tab and the textures seem to be there, just not displaying. Can anyone help me? I apologise if this a particularly noobish question.

  26. 3d models Says:

    but one things is clear this is very great work ha. Thanks

  27. Amycus Says:

    ahoj mam otazku viem že mi rozumieš .. (: počuj nedal by sa ten model z toho WMV preniest aj už s pred nastavenym riggom ? či si musim vlastny vytvorit ? Neviem ten rigg velmi robit tak by mi to ulahčilo pracu velmi (: Dakujem za odpoved

  28. toxik Says:

    Amycus, nie, vie to preniest len model.

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