Pyranha for Maya (Scene Browser)

PyranhaPyranha for Maya is developed for fast access to Maya projects and scenes with live searching feature. Script is available for Maya 2008+, + means latest version of Maya. :) You can check Pyranha in action in this youtube or vimeo tutorial. If you have some problems or you want to suggest some features, send me email, you can find my email in About section.Pyranha is free and if you like it, you can donate 5 $/€ or more, all is welcome, if you want see Pyranha live. :) There is DONATE button under download link in this article. Cheers. ;)

Main features:

  • new LiveSearch / InteractiveSearch in scenes and projects (like Ajax Live Search)
  • access to multiple projects directories on different locations
  • automatic SetProject
  • support scenes with sub-directories
  • Set project context menu + Browse project context menu
  • caching of big directories
  • auto caching mode, if cache is on

  • Screenshots:
    Pyranha screenshot


  • Copy pyranha.pyc to your scripts directory:
  • Example: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\maya\2008\scripts

  • Copy pyranha.bmp to your icons directory:
  • Example: C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\maya\2008\prefs\icons

    Execute in ScriptEditor:
    Pyranha scriptEditor
    Now you can use Pyranha “Help menu” to use Add Pyranha to Self.

    Facebook page:

    Download here:Download Pyranha for Maya

    Known issues:

  • If Use Cache is enabled, when new file is created in any directory where wasn’t scenes before, cache is not updated.

  • Release Notes:


  • Maya 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 support
  • fixed borderStyle warning message
  • 1.1.7

  • Maya 2015, 2016 support
  • 1.1.6

  • Maya 2014 support
  • 1.1.5

  • Maya 2013 support
  • max custom directories limit increased to 5
  • corrections on paths module
  • tweaks of GUI
  • Maya 8.5 not supported (disabled)
  • 1.1.4

  • fixed menuItem error
  • fixed missing icons (pyranha.bmp, pyranha.xpm)
  • fixed error if Maya.env variable MAYA_PROJECTS_DIR is None (Maya 8.5 only)
  • new debug mode (for developing only)
  • 1.1.3

  • new LiveSearch/InteractiveSearch
  • 1.1.2

  • disabled InteractiveSearch, because Maya crashing
  • fixed Warning for -la/-labelAlign
  • fixed Warning for -aft/activeFrameThickness
  • 1.1.1

  • new exclude incrementalSave directories
  • fixed sorting of directories
  • fixed Add Pyranha to Shelf
  • new Set project context menu
  • new Browse project context menu
  • some GUI tweaks
  • 1.0

  • official release
  • new multiple projects directories
  • new InteractiveSearch in projects
  • 0.97

  • cache
  • new InteractiveSearch in scenes
  • 0.95

  • completly rewrited code from mel-script to Python (30% speed-up)
  • sort by date
  • 0.8

  • instant autoclose
  • new include scenes sub-directories
  • 0.7

  • new autoclose check box
  • 0.5

  • rewrited GUI
  • 0.1

  • first release

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    26 Responses to “Pyranha for Maya (Scene Browser)”

    1. Günther Schuch Says:

      your script is really good and very useful.
      Thank you very much.

      It would be nice if there is the possibility to add 2 more custom directories or set a custom amount of directories

      Thanks again,


    2. toxik Says:

      Thanks Günther, i will try in next release.

    3. matze Says:


      i like your script, but the right part, where the maya files would be shown is empty…
      are there any soultions?

    4. toxik Says:

      Can you send me screenshot with opened config on my email ? You can find email in About section on this page. I mean that you not entered correct directories.

    5. Andreas Says:

      Great script, but it seems to have problems with paths that have a “_” at the beginning. I sometimes use them to bring a path to the beginning of a list.

    6. toxik Says:

      “_” at beginning of project name or ?

    7. Andreas Says:



    8. toxik Says:

      Ok and what you mean problems ?

    9. Andreas Says:

      Can I send you a screenshot?

    10. toxik Says:

      Yes, do it please. :)

    11. Giap Vo Says:

      Hi Toxik.

      I have a problem with folders that have space among words. For example, I have a folder name “Animation Client” in the drive E. So I type E:\Animation Client but there is nothing show up in the right window.

    12. toxik Says:

      Hi, i mean it’s because your folder “Animation Client” is not directory with projects. What is content of your “Animation Client” folder?

    13. Giap Vo Says:

      Hi Toxik.

      Please ignore my earlier comment. I finally found out how it really works. There is nothing wrong with the space among words. Great script.

    14. Leksey Says:

      Hi! Man, your tool is very cool.
      - Please add the feature: Close window on “Esc”. As in basic maya window.

    15. toxik Says:

      Hi Leksey,

      i mean it’s not possible, because there are two search fields with focus and searching is main priority, but i will check it.

    16. Leksey Says:

      If you make replaying command for close the window? One click open window, double click close window.

    17. toxik Says:

      Pyranha have new Facebook page, there will be new info about news, features and updates. And better feedback for us.

    18. Leksey Says:

      Hi! Feedback:

      If you use quick search, but not save last position selection scene file. Please add this feature.

    19. Leksey Says:

      If you use quick search, then, selection is not saved the last selected file.

    20. toxik Says:

      Hi Leksey, i know about this bug, but i don’t have time to do it now, but it’s on my TO DO list. Thanks for your interest.

    21. dude Says:

      Did anyone here try the StockCG project manager ?

    22. toxik Says:

      No, because it’s online asset library, it’s not project manager. :)

    23. Dennis P Says:

      Hey Toxic!I know the Script is pretty usefull, because a friend of mine is using it.But i have a problem, that Maya(2014/Student Version)can’t find the Scene in the path. Is there any solution?

    24. toxik Says:

      Hi, Dennis, can you send me some screenshots of your problem on my email in about section ?

    25. bhbilbao Says:

      import pyranha

      dOES nothing in Maya 2018.3

      ¿How to start it?

    26. toxik Says:

      bhbilbao check youtube video in article.

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