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OctaveEngine™ Casual is a 2D multi-physics engine for game development. This engine uses the particle method for physical simulation. It handles not only rigid objects, but also objects with various real life properties such as elastic, plastic, liquid and gaseous bodies as well.
It computes the physical interactions between objects with different properties, and instantly responds to physical models added by users. It handles texture mapping of objects. By combining multiple properties, a user can create more complex and diverse physical phenomena. It stimulates the user’s imagination and infinitely expands the possibilities for expression in games.

OE-CAKE! is demonstration software for 2D-based multi-physics simulation. In a way similar to drawing images using paint software, users create objects and can see them move according to the laws of physics.
This software supports various physical materials with real life properties such as fluids, gases, rigid (hard) objects and elasticity (soft) objects as building blocks. Users can combine these objects to create and play with more complex objects and mechanisms such as cars, gears and moving dolls. Users can also attach pictures and photos to objects and change their shape, break them apart, or melt them.

Use your imagination to create your own unique world!

System Requirements:

OS: Windows Vista / Windows XP (SP2)
64-bit Windows is not officially supported. Mac OS X 10.4 or later

CPU: Pentium 4, Pentium M, Athlon 64 or later, PowerPC(R) G4, G5 or Intel(R) processor

Video: A GPU that supports OpenGL.
A GPU that supports Pixel Shaders is required for high quality rendering mode.
Note: OE-CAKE! for Windows may not run properly on some graphics cards with built-in chipsets.

Here are some sample videos of scenes created with OE-CAKE!

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2 Responses to “Octave Engine – OE Cake”

  1. fawaz Says:

    Excellent work and excellent examples shown in here !

    Its just a matter of time to put this engine in a beautiful 2D game!

    here are some of the top games I play all the time and I hope to have yours once it comes out and prove to be addicted as well :)

    * Crayon Physics Deluxe
    * World of Goo

    Please create a game from this amazing engine. I predicit infinite possibilities coming ahead!

    all the best and success!

  2. toxik Says:

    I know Crayon, that’s nice game with very good music. I will try World of Goo. thx

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