Maya startup time

After some time, my projects directory of Maya, grow up to 54 projects. Every time when i start Maya with 54 projects in projects directory, startup time of Maya is about 60 seconds. Why so long ?

Problem is in mel-command workspace -update which is executed every time when you start Maya.

Here is definition of workspace command with flag -update from Maya help:

This flag reads all the workspace definitions from the project directory. It is used by Maya at startup time to find the available workspaces.

And this command is executed in initialStartup.mel file. All you need to do is comment line with this workspace -update command from initialStartup.mel.

After this change is my startup time of Maya about 8 seconds and all working fine.

This setup working with Maya 2008 and lower, Maya 2009 dont need this option.

Posted by toxik on Sep 20 2008 under Maya, Mel-Scripts, News |

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