Half-Life and Half-Life2 maps in Maya

This is my test of some Half-Life and Half-Life2 maps imported to Maya with all textures.

For extraction maps from Valve GCF archives i used GCFScape, and converting bsp to obj with Crafty from Nem’s Tools. For textures i create little mel-script importMtl.mel which automaticaly import all textures correctly to Maya.

But there is a problem with alpha channel in textures, because TGA files from Valve have different alpha interpretation which don’t working with Maya well. You need to convert all TGA textures to Maya IFF with IrfanView, because IrfanView in batch convert mode, converting RGBA to RGBA and RGB to RGB. Others converters converting RGBA to RGBA and RGB to RGBA in a batch mode. Its very important convert RGBA to RGBA and RGB to RGB, because when you importing IFF(RGBA) files to Maya, this files are automaticaly connected to transparency of materials.

For final images i used Eyeon Fusion for compositing Ambient Occlusion and some color corrections. All renders in Maya was done in 720 HD (2-5min per frame).

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9 Responses to “Half-Life and Half-Life2 maps in Maya”

  1. staniik Says:

    nezverejnil bys pls ten mel script ? nebo aspon k nakouknuti ;)

  2. staniik Says:

    uz neni potreba, ale i tak diky o_O

  3. rasto Says:

    ak sa k tomu casom dostanem, dam ho sem na download… este ho treba upravit

  4. Endy Says:

    vsemu jsem rozumel, akorat nechapu te script. Nevim co mam jak kde udelat :-)

  5. rasto Says:

    Ide o to ze ak naimportujes do Maya, OBJ subor tak sa ti nenacitaju textury, cez ten script vyberam z MTL suboru nazvy textur, ktore potom priradzujem prislusnemu Shaderu.

  6. KM Says:

    Hi, very interesting post and clever. I loved to see the different rendering engines on different levels. You could also try rendering the same shots using different engines to compare, I think that would be interesting.

    Are you able to share the MEL script too? Thank you.

  7. toxik Says:

    KM i mean it not very interesting, because quality depends on your skill in rendering engine. And there is deference.

  8. Alex Says:

    Download this script how to?

  9. danell Says:

    You can find the importMtl.mel file here http://diegologic.net/files/Full_XmodelExporter5502.zip

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