EdgeWrap macro for Fusion

A lot of times in VFX production is compositing foreground and background layers together with some baking of lighting from backplate and applying to CG foreground is required. In VFX “language” it’s named EdgeWrap or LightWrap. After creating tons of compositions i have done my EdgeWrap macro for saving your time and life. :)

EdgeWrap node:

EdgeWrap options:

EdgeWrap 1.0 for Eyeon Fusion DOWNLOAD.

Posted by toxik on Sep 28 2010 under Fusion, News |

2 Responses to “EdgeWrap macro for Fusion”

  1. qwfFW Says:

    It messes up colors, quantizes them, sorry…

  2. qwfFW Says:

    Sorry! I forgot to turn on in my loaders to treat images as 15 bit, your macto works just fine!

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