Autodesk Maya 2011 – Hotfix 3

Autodesk Maya 2011 Hotfix 3 – 1.5 GB

319246 Mac: All error messages do not appear via Python
339016 All windows redraw on hotbox and marking menu use
350611 Sequencer XML Export not compatible with Autodesk Smoke
351769 Remove environment variable for enabling active stereo on Windows Vista and Windows 7
353250 64 bit Mac vector render plugin not built for 64bit Mac
353529 Sequencer : wrong duration for movie files in XML files exported from Maya
354884 Lost ‐ add option box to menu item in the middle of a menu
354995 Inserting a menu item after the last one in a menu crashes Maya
355735 Duplicating airField increases the scene file size
356034 EDL export fails with error: global name ‘clip’ is not defined
356134 Sequencer XML export is missing timebase element for time code definition
356180 timeControl ‐showKeys fails to find channel box
356272 The interface stops refreshing or updating
357073 Unwanted blurred reflection with mental ray 1
358055 nParticle into fluid emission is not happening on certain frames
358521 Reference parenting doesn’t stay saved when you re‐open file
358725 OGS viewport does not handle newer GL drivers
358825 CER crash when drag and drop in the Hypergraph on Mac OSX 64 bit
358843 UI no longer refreshing when using wacom tablet
359040 Hotbox will not drop down after calling render view from hotbox
359614 Update FBX to 2011.3
359678 Hair collision is off by one frame from animation
359933 GLFunctionTable.cpp doesn’t recognize OpenGL versions properly
361381 Empty ramps when reading 2010 particle file into 2011

Note: Every hotfix is cumulative; it contains the fixes from the hotfix(es) that preceded it. For example, Hotfix #3 includes the fixes released in Hotfix #1 and Hotfix #2, therefore you do not need to download and install all of them, only last hotfix.

But it’s not HOTFIX, its full installation of Autodesk Maya 2011.

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