Autodesk Maya 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack

Autodesk Maya 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack

It’s same as Autodesk Maya 2011 Service Pack 1 (article), but with some additions below and it’s contain all hotfixies before (1,2,3). Autodesk Maya 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack is full installation of Maya, you need to uninstall old one. If you own subscription, you can download it for free from subscription center.
Craft Animation
The following camera rigs and vehicles from Craft animation are now available with Maya:

  • Craft SoftMotionCam
  • Craft ObserverCam
  • Craft MultiStateCam
  • Craft HumanizerCam
  • LookAtCam
  • ObserverFree
  • 4WheelerFree
  • AirplaneFree

Allegorithmic Substances
These textures from Allegorithmic are now available:

  • Aircraft_Metal
  • Asphalt_02
  • Bamboo_Fence
  • Barbwire
  • BrickWall_03 & BrickWall_05
  • Bronze_Copper
  • Brushed_Aluminum
  • Cardboard
  • Ceramic_01 & Ceramic_03
  • Checker
  • Concrete_02, Concrete_03, Concrete_04, Concrete_06, Concrete_08 & Concrete_09
  • Concrete_Pavement
  • Corrugated_Metal
  • Damaged_Marble
  • Diamond_Plate
  • Dry_Ground_01 & Dry_Ground_02
  • Eye
  • Fencing
  • Galvanized
  • Granit_01
  • Grass_01
  • Gravel
  • Grey_Sand
  • kevlar_carbon_fiber
  • Lawn
  • Light_Wood
  • Marble_Wall_01
  • Meteor
  • Modern_Concrete_02
  • Moss_Rock
  • Old_Painted_Planks
  • Painted_Metal_01
  • Painted_Wood_01
  • Pavement_01, Pavement_02, Pavement_06 & Pavement_07
  • Pavement_Path
  • Pebble_Grass
  • Poured_Concrete
  • Prehistoric_Cave
  • Road_01 & Road_02
  • Road_Tarmac_01
  • Rock_02
  • Rock_Pavement_01
  • RockWall_01
  • Roof_Ceramic
  • Rough_Ground
  • Rusty_Metal_Floor
  • Sand_01
  • Scratched_Concrete
  • Slate_Tiles
  • Small_Stones
  • Steel_Sheet
  • Stone_Tiles_02 & Stone_Tiles_03
  • Stones_01
  • Turned_Leather
  • Varnished_Wood
  • Volcano_Rock
  • Wood_Chipboard
  • Wood_Planks_01 & Wood_Planks_02
  • Woven_Leather
  • Woven_Metal

Mocap samples
This release includes 70 new motion capture sample files.
You can find the new files by selecting the Mocap Example tab in the Visor. The Visor is in the General Editors in the Window menu.

EXR compression
Maya now supports these OpenEXR compression methods: RLE, PIZ, ZIP, PXR24. You can select among these in the Render Settings: Common tab, File Output section.

New updates and additions to the Maya marking menus now make selections to popular modeling tools faster and easier. Improvements to the Detach Component command now make it easier to detach selected edges.

Maya now includes a number of preset effects called Effects Assets. Building on the Maya Asset framework and simulation toolsets, Effects Assets present the most relevant attributes for an effect, making it easy to customize for your scene. Effect assets are available in the Visor window.

Send to Softimage
ICE Flow for Maya plug-in is a one-click workflow solution that imports Softimage ICE effects directly into Maya. ICE Flow for Maya lets you take advantage of the ICE (Interactive Creative Environment) to create effects for your Maya scenes.

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