Autodesk Maya 2011 Service Pack 1

Autodesk Maya 2011 Service Pack 1 is full installation of Maya, you need to uninstall old one and it contain all hotfixies (1,2,3). You can download it here:
172420 Color Chooser forgets RGB/HSV setting
256814 OSX: Channel box labels are not displayed correctly
298922 Hi res. cache blend fluid batch render is very slow for advanced frames
307342 Attach existing fluid cache doesn’t hook up channels properly
319246 All error messages do not appear via Python.
335168 iconTextButton -commandRepeatable doesn’t work
337045 cpsToolbox shelf is squeezed (width/height constraint in shelfLayout command)
339016 All window redraw on hotbox and marking menu use
339248 New file browser does not show drive name
342433 ambientDiffusion + autoresize has pulsing render
347299 Autosave: Prompt before save should show up only one instance of warning
348669 Need marking menu updates for new tools and options in 2011
349676 Batch rendering cached fluid is slow for advanced frames
350487 Maya crashes when navigating through menus (Mac 64)
350512 Incorrect self shadowing with auto resize fluid for internal light
350611 Sequencer XML Export not compatible with Autodesk Smoke
351488 mi8029: film offset can cause render artifacts
351769 Remove env variable for enabling active stereo on Vista wnd Windows 7
351823 CER on Mac 32 stalls
352066 UI MEL scripts ref to non-existent attributes that simply fail in 2010 crash 2011
352445 Hide zero columns is broken in component editor
353062 Initial state and append to cache problems with rigidity and rotation
353250 64 bit Mac vector render plugin not built for 64 bit Mac
353405 Sequencer : incorrect shot node names when importing XML file
353529 Sequencer : wrong duration for movie files in XML files exported from Maya
353533 Playblast is hardcoded to 24 fps
353740 Change the default settings for trax colors
353902 Package into assets (containers) broken for Maya 2011
353968 Renderview contrast / exposure in wrong colourspace
354350 “Hidden Geometries Cast Shadows” in renderPass node AE in JP Maya
354392 Wacom in maya not working under FC12
354506 Sequencer : Blast sequence doesn’t have resolution control
354507 Sequencer : need to expose the off screen rendering option
354683 Text creation broken for Italic and Bold fonts on Mac
354774 Joint – orientation – doesn’t match previous versions of Maya
354884 Lost – add option box to menuItem in the middle of a menu
354954 Mesh reduction crashes Maya
354966 FBIK giving error messages whenever effectors are being manipulated
354995 Inserting a menuItem after the last one in a menu crashes Maya
355105 Render Settings : data entered in Version Label field is lost when reopen scene
355454 Need interop between python and MQtUtil methods
355468 Sequencer : audio node should use the name of the audio file, like in Trax
355599 Maya crashes on calling confirmDialog command
355614 Display layers not updating properly in OSX
355726 Info dialog shows “Maya 2010″ for 2011 icon
355735 Duplicating airField increases the scene file size by a lot
355937 Problems when reassigning a resizable Fluid cache
355941 Maya crashes when editing interactive bind
355956 Renderview overrides all other windows on Mac OS X
356039 EDL Export is given relative paths by default
356134 Sequencer XML export is missing timebase element for time code definition
356140 Sequencer XML export doesn’t use %20 to denote space characters
356180 timeControl -showKeys fails to find channel box
356251 Dragging a shelf icon to another shelf deletes the content of the destination
356253 Changing light type in floating Attribute Editor crashes Maya
356256 ikBlend causes flip of IK bones in 2011 using anything but XYZ orientation
356272 The interface stops refreshing or updating
356275 Sequencer : Error when splitting a shot
356289 mia_material no longer respects refraction limit
356477 PIT file isn’t removed after uninstalling Maya
356500 Scale modifiers on timeline, really hard to see in QT
356542 Viewport renderer plugins do not work
356557 mia material ao colorbleed stop FG bounces
356570 Sequencer : incorrect camera names when importing XML file
356638 Playblast Sequence Resolution Width/Height should be inversed in UI
356850 Playblast file rule for movie files is incorrect
356934 Color picker (eyedropper) doesn’t pick the right color on Windows
356994 Sequencer : Wrong timecode exported in EDL if Start Frame is not set to 0
357022 Sequencer : Missing Timecode reading on EDL import
357023 CER crash when pressing Shift + G hotkey (Mac / Linux only)
357073 Unwanted blurred reflection with mental ray
357107 Can’t save playblast files to a path with “.” characters in the name
357300 Step forward button slower to respond than 2010, has to click twice
357418 CER crash when loading TGA files with Unicode characters
357461 Maya auto saves files even though it is not enabled
357466 MQtUtil::toQString broken
357681 Problem with “lock asset unpublished” … locking too much
357755 Trax/Sequencer : text color doesn’t contrast with Clip background
358055 nParticle into fluid emission is not happening on certain frames
358064 PaintFX canvas – wrap doesn’t work
358139 Hotbox crash
358521 Reference parenting doesn’t stay saved when you re-open file
358532 Switching between Dope Sheet and Graph Editor crashes Maya
358542 mental ray incorrectly renders fluid speed
358620 Alpha/Depth overrides for cameras in Render Settings not available
358725 OGS viewport does not handle newer GL drivers
358825 CER crash when drag and drop in the Hypergraph on Mac OSX 64 bit
358843 UI no longer refreshing when using wacom tablet
358964 Mesh > Separate crashes Maya with R6025 run-time error
359040 Hotbox will not drop down after calling renderview from hotbox
359614 Update FBX to 2011.3
359678 Hair collision is off by one frame from animation
359933 GLFunctionTable.cpp doesn’t recognize OpenGL versions properly
360030 Issue with pop-up menu from within a layoutDialog form
360248 exposes 3rd party boost c++ symbols that conflict with inh
360997 Maya 2011 color picker defaults to RGB (previous versions of Maya were HSV)
360999 CER crash when dropping wood texture on Blinn shader
361381 Empty ramps when reading 2010 particle file into 2011
361618 Replayblast doesn’t work in AVI and IFF formats
362007 Batch bake, delete edge then duplicate: vertex color is broken
362451 mental ray IBL does not properly emit light from an HDR Image/slows renders
363430 Maya 2011 hotfix 3 on Centos 5.5 breaks the right mouse button pop-up menu
363762 Detach components works on edges now
363945 tweak mode does not work well with undo

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2 Responses to “Autodesk Maya 2011 Service Pack 1”

  1. Damien Says:

    eyedropper now doesn’t work on win7 since SP1

  2. Tankut Says:

    eyedropper does not work with wacom. Works fine with mouse click. (2010 SP1, win7 x64)

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